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2019 proved to be another very fruitful year for H.A.R.K. Ministries.

During both our Annual Good Friday Flag-Football Tournament and our Thanksgiving Flag-Football Tournament, we had excellent turn-outs, with 100+ teens and young adults in attendance!


At both events, several of the youth prayed to receive the Lord as their Savior! Special thanks to H.A.R.K.’s own, Evangelist Scott Saxton for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the youths at these events. We would also like to thank the members of Faith Baptist Church of Palm Bay for their continued participation, encouragement. prayers and support.

Following the tournaments, there were several salvation decisions made by some of the youngsters and their family members when Evangelist, Scott Saxton and Brother Tom Distler visited their homes. Thanks Scott & Tom!


     During the Summer of 2019, we also held our Barbecue Bible Studies at the home of Stephen & Francis Avery. Along with food, fun and fellowship, teens were also fed a healthy helping from God’s Word. Special thanks to Steve and Fran and also to Brother Todd Bonanza for an excellent Bible Study!


In the Fall of 2019, we enjoyed some personalized fishing trips in which small groups of teens went out in a boat, on the Indian River, for a guided fishing trip. Along with enjoying Florida’s wildlife and scenic surroundings, these young anglers caught a wide variety of fish. Following the fishing trips, we enjoyed lunch- topped off with a bible study. Special thanks to Captain Terry Lamielle, of Easy Days Fishing Guide!


All of us at H.A.R.K. look forward to what God has in store for this ministry in 2020. It is our continued hope and prayer to make an impact for Christ in our local community.

Please keep H.A.R.K. Ministries in your prayers and thank you for helping us: “Reach Our Youth with The TRUTH... JESUS SAVES!!”.




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